1. A Brief Introduction

A Brief Introduction

WTD begun operating on 1977, when it was founded, and through the years it's activity has been expanded in different technologies and markets; expanding the Italian technologies through the world grown the global business view of WTD. Starting as a typical EPC Company, WTD is now arranging Project Financed initiatives in order to give even more added value to it's technological skills, and establish a direct relationship of an experienced water treatment company in a complete and integrated manner i.e.:

  • Ability to support since the initial stage of design
  • Providing reliable and optimized technological solutions
  • Promptly supporting the end user through all the Service Supply Agreement
  • Constant eye to improvement solutions

100.000 m3 / day Wastewater Plant

Worldwide highest capacity Recarbonation Plant

Key Factor For Success

  • Proven references and technological skills: WTD has been operating within the water market for almost 30 years with full satisfaction of it's worldwid customers over more than 230 projects.
  • Ability in selecting and armonizing suitable partners involved within the B.O.O.T. initiative: WTD partners are often reliable local entities with knowledge of the market and environment.
  • Capability to access to financing sources which allow to propose investments with high Internal Rates of Return.

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