Introduction to WTD

WTD is a very dynamic Company working within the worldwide water market sincer 1978, when it was founded. The Company is based in Rome, Italy, and through the years it’s activity has developed in several technologies and treatment processes, enabling WTD to grow and improve it’s glogal business view.

Parallel to it’s increase in terms of served markets and customers, WTD has been always keeping an eye to updating technologies and it’s Design & Project Management capabilities Nowadays, WTD supplies Water Plants to many first class International Companies and Contractors, witch require the services of an experienced Water Treament Company.


  • Desalination (Thermal and Reserve Osmosis)
  • Demineralization and Ions Removal
  • Potable and Municiapal Water Treatment Plant and Transmission Pipe Line
  • Membrane Separation Process (Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration)
  • Recarbonation / Remineralization
  • Wastewater (Industrial, Sanitary Treatment Plant, Pipe Line and Distrubion Network)
  • Package Units

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