2. Overview ad History

Company Overview and History

The Company was established in 1978 by three engineers which were working in the field of water and waste water treatment since many years. The Company was established with very limited financial support, based only on the technical capabilities of the share holders. After first four years of small progress, the Company enjoyed a sharp increase of orders and revenues, mainly do to the expanding commercial activities and the expansion of the market.

On 1986, considering the international background of the shareholders, it was decided to explore possibily to work outside Italy, and then a new approach of the Company started.

Considering the limited financial resources available at that time, the Company oriented it’s interest and activity in EP (Engineering and Procurement) activities, rather that turn-key projects. A large series of strategic alliance with construction companies in the world, lead to a sharp increase of the market. After four years of exploration of foreign market, almost 80% of total revenues of the Company were depending on foreign market, 20% on domestic market. After another six years, the proportion incrased to 90% foreign, 10% domestic.

At the present 100% of the market is foreign. During the last years of 1990, WTD found out that there was an increased interest in the market for investments in concessions. Due to this, we have been started to establish strategic partnership in the countries where we had been working, in order to secure concessions.

The first result on 1999 when WTD signed with a subsidiary company of Ministry of Oil in Egypt, the concession of twentyfive years to provide water to Midor refinery, witch is the largest Egyptian refinery existing. Rising of funds and equity were rise from the shareholders independently. The plant started activity on 2001 and since then is satisfactory working.

Immediately after we established two other important concessions in Iran, with the two major financing Iranian institution, and we developed a total of four projects as concession. Another investment in Saudi Arabia, woth 5% of capital, was sold out due to the limited interest of WTD with that project (we were involved because of our specific know how in the project).

At the present there other huge possibilities in Iran for investment, but due to embarge situation, only Chinese or Indian companies can proceed in financing. Another important point to mention is that WTD is at the present a world leader for remineralization plant, to provide potable water from desalination plants. There is no other company in the world with our references and know-how.

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