6. Financing Initiatives

Project Financing Initiatives

Credibility gained during the years has brought WTD the possibility to supply integrated proposals for Water Plants, such as under the B.O.O.T. scheme. In addition to typical EPC Projects, WTD is now arranging Project Financed initiatives in order to add even more value it’s technologial skills and establish a direct relationship with the end user, through it’s:

  • Support since the design stage during alle the Service Supply Agreement
  • Ability to provide reliable and optimized technologies
  • Constant eye to improvement solutions
  • Capability in structuring a suitable financing source for project payment

Primary Water Treatment
Midwater (Egypt) - Primary Water Treatment Plant for the MIDOR Refinery, with a net produced water capacity of 20,000 m3 / day. The Project includes the realization of a 30km pipeline connection, and has been realized under the B.O.O.T. scheme.

Thermal Desalination
Ras GARIB (Egypt) - Sea Water Desalination Plant realized with MSF Technology, with a net water production of 5250 m3 / day.

Package Reverse Osmosis
Package Units - Reverse Osmosis skid packages, with ease of transportation, installation and maintenance. These units can produce desalinated water with a capacity of typically 50 - 100 m3 / day.

Shuweiat (UAE) - Together with Fujairah plant, this is the largest made Potabilization Plant with this technology. Both plants have been realized by WTD and have a net water production of 453.000 m3 / day. WTD acquired 100% of worldwide Recarbonation Plants within the past four years.

KNPC (Kuwait) - Largest worldwide capacity Mixed Bed Polisher, with a treated water capacity of 150 m3 / hr.

Package Wasterwater
Benghasi (Lybia) - Package Sewage Wasterwater Plant with a treatment capacity for 5,000 Inhabitants. Package units can be easily scaled up according to requirements.

Reverse Osmosis
Kish Island (Iran) - Reverse Osmosis Plant with a desalinated water production capacity of 5,500 m3 / day. This is first ever realized water project in Iran under the B.O.O.T. Scheme.

Industrial Wasterwater
Arcosteel (Egypt) - Steel Industry Wastewater Plant. The plant includes different process water treatment systems and has a capacity of 2100 m3 / hr.

Sewage Wastewater
Sheben El Khom (Egypt) - A Sewage Wastewater Plant, with a 98,000 m3 / day treated water capacity.
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