3. Structure and Mission

Structure and Mission

The Company is a Limited Liability Company, held privately by individuals, wich are also the founders of the Company. The structure foresee that Company is managed by a Board of Directors (nominated by the shareholders), and they are nominating a Managing Director to whom they will indicate the main ideas. Managing Director is free, within the limits of the Article of Association, to take the decisions in order to fulfill the mission of the Company.

Structure of organization is herewith
Reported. The main mission of the Company is:

  • Implement the technology
  • Implement marketing and new fields of applications
  • Increase technolgy capability
  • Implement the projects to fulfill the client satisfaction
  • To reach the economical results wich are set as target at beginning of each year in order to implement above, the WTD staff is motivated and instructed by periodic meetings wich are focalizing the different aspects of production and find the ways to implement the same.

A fully indipendent Quality Control, according to ISO standards. Is part of WTD structure since 1999. This has given to WTD the possibility to work with a major success with all international companies present in the market. A look to the Reference List, shows how important are the clients of WTD and the complexity of projects developed.

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