Credibility gained during the years has brought WTD 
the possibility to vertically integrate  under the B.O.O.T. scheme.

Since more than 20 years WTD participates as 
SPV technological partner and investor in B.O.O.T. projects (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) for supplying water to industrial and municipal EndUsers.

WTD acts as commercial, technical and financial promoter of Project Financed initiatives, in order to integrate its various skills and competences and establishing a direct relationship with End Users.

Project feasibility, technical configuration, business plan, study of cash flows and risk analysis are carefully carried out by WTD in details.

Under B.O.O.T. arrangement, WTD and its Partners take management responsibility for planning, construction, and Operation & Maintenance of a Water Supply Plant.

During the whole concession period WTD plays an active role within the SPV Company, for ensuring proper performance for its water plants and their correct and regular O&M.

 Successful B.O.O.T. Key Aspects

Sound Technical Skills 

to set up the best technical configuration related to a long-term project as B.O.O.T. initiatives are

Business Plan & Contract Knowledge

to guarantee expected initiative return rates and profitability for the investors together with proper legal arrangement and risk mitigation

Effective Pricing

based on matching detailed cost estimating for treatment plant investment (CAPEX) and its running costs (OPEX) 

Plant Reliability Over Time

for minimising risks of unpredictable O&M costs and ensuring uninterrupted water supply to Customer


WTD development in  BOOT projects has been diversified in terms of Partnerships and Countries where projects are developed, as well as in terms 
of treatment processes. Also WTD stakes % participation can vary according to the specific initiative.

As of today, following projects have been developed:

- Potabilization of primary water for petrochemical plant internal services

- Pretreatment and chemical conditioning of surface water for refinery processes

- Seawater desalination for distribution to  network for human consumption

- Multiple-pass desalination for delivery to 
industrial complex for production processes


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