A wide range of systems

WTD offers complete Dosing Systems, engineered and designed as complete packages. These systems, generally mounted on skid, are designed according to customer specifications and are manufactured at maximum extent of prefabrication, wired and tested, ready for FAT and site installation.

A wide range of dosing capacities is available to meet various chemical treatment applications.

All WTD skids are 3D modelled and supplied with detailed engineering documentation according to the highest standards.

WTD Dosing Systems are suitable for several applications, for example: 

Acid (HCl, H2SO4, phosphoric) / Caustic dosing for pH correction, regenerations, etc.
Biocide dosing for boilers, cooling towers
Antiscalant dosing
Polymeric solutions for coagulation / flocculation / flotation
Hypochlorite for disinfection purposes
KMnO4 and similar products for strong oxidation
NaHCO3 and CaCl2 for increasing alkalinity and hardness
MEA dosing for CO2 production units

Customized solutions

WTD can customize its Dosing Systems for 
matching any specific requirement, as follows:
• Installing several units on same skid frame 

• Providing Electrical and PLC boards where required 

• Including basket-dosing or integrated automatic weighting and feeding systems, as well as bag splitters & belt conveyors for chemicals to be prepared from powder

• Selecting within a wide choice of manual or actuated pumps among diaphragm, electromagnetic, piston, etc. also on multiple pumps arrangement

• Installing any type of storage tanks and piping materials required by Client specifications (CS, SS, duplex, PVC, HDPE, GRP, CSRL, PVDF, etc.)


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