WTD utilises membrane technologies for design and supply of Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis plants. 

BWRO and SWRO units capacities start from skid units or containerised systems 2000 m3 / day up to 60.000 m3 / day complete EPC plants. 

Different technlogies are combined for inlet water 
pre-treatment, such as UltraFiltration, Air Flotation, Dual Media Filtration, disc and cartridge filters, etc. according to water characteristics.

Careful study of water intake and pre-treatment is of essential to guarantee membranes long lasting life.  

Integration with IX

WTD often combines multiple stage/pass RO units with Ion Exchange Polishing or EDI for providing ultrapure water production units.

Desalination targets

Multiple stages and passes can be combined for obtaining required performance and desired water output quality and water hydraulic recovery.

Very pure levels of final water can be reached according to required specifications. 

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