WTD adopts an Internal Integrated Quality Management System with the aim to provide the highest quality services to its Clients, minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and ensuring health and safety of its employees and co-workers. 

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 Standards are complied for analysing the daily activities and pursuing the goal of continuos improvement.

Our Quality Key Points

WTD Quality Policy defines our mission to achieve and maintain 
an excellent level of quality in all activities


every resource has to focus its target to be reached; goal of Client satisfaction and Company profit should never be in contrast each other.


planning and compliance with scheduling are essential for working in a Quality environment. Quality from every process has to be obtained through the use of best practices and skills available. 


quality of our projects depends on accuracy, completeness and timely manner of information: it is important therefore to exchange information with such characteristics. Warning always when Quality, Safety or Environment are at risk.


employing, training and motivating people that can express competence level and skills for proper management of internal processes and execution of activities, reaching set goals and being an example in the frame of mutual respectful teamwork.

Since more than 20 years

Operating in a range of different sectors and dealing with primary International Contractors has great implications on Quality Management at WTD.

During the years our quality management system has been critically developed to integrate all the processes that add value to the projects we deliver to our Clients, from design stage upto successful completion.

Our Customers can rely on our approach to adopt in our Quality Assurance programs all industry best practices for tests, measurements and inspections to deliver the highest level of compliance.

WTD main focus is meeting and exceeding Customers’ requirements.

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