Since beginning of its activities, WTD has been designing Sewage Treatment Plants based on well known processes of Activated Sludge, SBR, etc. 

During the years, parallel to technological development, MBR processes and Advanced Oxidation for most severe waters have been added to WTD portfolio of products, also in consideration of progressively stringent Enviromental Regulations. 


Nowadays ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) is of primary importance. The approach in design according to ZLD is to treat and produce water suitable for reuse (irrigation, industrial processes, etc.). 

Together with recovery maximization, decreasing waste volumes is also a target; both are being beneficial to the environment, and allow economical savings for plant owner.


1. ACTIVATED SLUDGE PLANTS for Municipal Installations, Industrial Complexes, Villages, etc.

2. MBR PLANTS for advanced WW Treatment 
and re-use of Treated Wastewater

3. REFINERY WW PLANTS including Advanced  Oxidation system AOP for spent caustic, treatments for high COD content Wastewaters,  

4. STEEL FACTORIES WW PLANTS, for process, cooling, descaling, dust scrubbing, etc.

5. OZONIZATION PLANTS, for degradation of organic and inorganic pollutants

WTD designs Ozone plants with reactors for strong oxidation processes to be applied in refineries and industrial field

Complete  Sewage Treatment Plants, from lifting station upto complex Tertiary Treatment for water re-use can be supplied on EPC basis


Prefabricated compact WWTP are used for avoiding concrete works; for higher treatment capacities they can be combined in several units in parallel 

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